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Did You Know???

English and French Bulldogs are part of the brachycephalic breed. Which means they have a short head, all those cute wrinkles, and the smooshy faces we all want to kiss! 

What does this mean for your English or Frenchie???

  • Because of their short squishy faces they can't cool off easy so it's important to ALWAYS monitor when outside and not take them out in the heat. 

  • These guys only need a moderate amount of exercise daily to help them from getting overweight, but don't them overexert themselves remember they have a harder time cooling down.

  • Due to the breeds spine structure limit jumping and stair use

  • Both English + French Bulldogs are sweet and easy going but they ARE stubborn so be consistent with training and start as soon as you bring your fur baby home

  • All those wrinkles do require care to prevent infection... make sure you dry + inspect the wrinkles daily + apply wrinkle balm if necessary

  • Both these breeds have short thin fur and don't like the cold

  • They are NOT a table scrap kind of dog! Stick to fruits + veggies that are safe for dogs + like a human baby try one at a time to make sure no allergic reactions pop up ( ours love strawberries, watermelon, mango, carrots, cucumber, banana, sweet potato & pumpkin )

Items we use and like...

We are in no way affiliated with any product we post below... these are just things+items we like and use with our fur kids. Hopefully this will give you ideas or places to start researching your own favs!

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