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Meet the Gorgeous Girls



French Bulldog

Iris is our beautiful Blue Fawn Frenchie. Iris is athletic, stocky and full of energy. She loves the water, always has her squeaky ball & is ready to play. Iris loves being outside going on walks in our beautify PNW! When its time to relax, she loves to snuggle on the couch. Iris is now retired, she is staying with us & will be a mentor to all our future babies!

Ivory Skye

French Bulldog

Ivory is a baby from our girl Iris' last litter. She is a short and stout lilac platinum. Ivory has a lot of her momma's personality, she is spunky and playful & loves the water. Ivory is the baby of the house and doesn't let anyone forget it, always pushing her way in for attention and snuggles. We are very excited to have Iris' line continue in our program!



French Bulldog

Freya is our petite Merle + Tan girl. She is a total sweetheart, so gentle and all the babies in the house always love her! Freya is now living with our friends at Smokey Mountain Frenchies, stay tuned for all her updates!

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