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Meet the Boys



French Bulldog

Zephyr (aka Bubby) is our Black Tri boy. Zeph is 100% a momma's boy and is always ready to sit on our lap and relax. He is playful with a sweet easy going personality, always a perfect gentleman. He loves being with his people and goin on all the car rides. Zeph is short and stocky at about 24lbs

At/At + 1 copy of cocoa + 1 copy of blue + 2 copies of mask+ 1 copy of pied


French Bulldog

Oh Loki, he is THE most easy going, gentle, sweetest dog we have ever had! Loki loves chasing butterflies, playing in the sprinkler, and taking naps! Loki is a beefcake at about 26lbs

Solid Blue: a/a, d/d, 2 copies of mask.

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